16/7/13 Thanks to "Honorary Life Member" Jim Lilley, the club has received a very generous donation of tobacco and pipes. Come along to a meeting to see what there is!

Have a look at the photo in the gallery to see some of the selection.

13/7/13 Despite The Peartree being a nice venue, it gets a bit to busy to be comfortable. Therefore, we will be going back to The Beehive for a few meetings.

27/4/13 Very pleasant meeting at The Pear Tree. Will be using here as a regular venue from now on.

Please note change of venue for the next meeting (Saturday 27th April). We will be meeting in the beer garden of The Pear Tree House, 38 West Nicolson Street, Edinburgh EH8 9DD.

Times will be the same as usual.

Please help us celebrate IPSD with fellow pipers from around the world.

20/2/13 We will be meeting at Henrick's from 7.30pm to help our fellow pipesmokers, from around the world, celebrate IPSD.

26/11/12 Please note the change to our regular venue for meetings. Chris and Ailsa at Henrick's have made us very welcome each time we've visited and the deck there is comfortable even when the weather is cold and damp.

We will return to The Beehive Inn and The Cuddie Brae when the weather is a bit warmer (and when The Beehive re-open the rest of their beer garden). 


25/11/12 The draw for the raffle was held at The Beehive Inn. Please see the EPC blog for details of winners and prizes.


31/10/12 Couple of us tried Henrick's, 3 Barclay Terrace, last Saturday. Very impressed with the service. Their "beer garden" isn't very big but it's a nice sheltered spot. Will try a couple of meetings there.


17/10/12 Have received a sample mug with the new logo. Very happy with the quality and the look of them so let me know if you would like one.


13/10/12 Had another great meeting at The Cuddie Brae, was nice to welcome our newest member Ricardo.


18/09/12 To show off the new logo better I have changed the layout and colour scheme...let me know if you prefer the old one.


10/09/12 Following on from the recent meeting that we had at The Beehive Inn, we will be using their beer garden as an additional venue. 

We're now online!

We're happy to announce the launch of our new website. Get to know the club and feel free to drop in any time: visitors are always welcome!

How it began...

When I first took up pipes, two years ago, I didn't know any other pipers. However, I had seen a few in the city and calculated that with the number of specialist tobacconists we have in the Edinburgh, there ought to be a few "brothers of the briar" around.

I did some research and couldn't find an existing club, so I took a chance and started my own. The first meeting, in November 2010, had two attendees. From that humble beginning we have slowly grown. There's a pool of about a dozen members with at least four or five at every meeting.

Hopefully, with increasing exposure numbers will steadily increase.


Peter Jones,


Media coverage

We have been lucky to have a couple of very favourable pieces in the local press, you can read the articles here:


Scotsman: 10th September 2011


Scotsman: 14th February 2011